COLUMNS – Episode 3

Episode 3: The Experience

Where does the artistic motif come from, where does the artist come from, where does the idea of the column come from? Peter Halley brings a brightly colored geometry from New York to Polling, Mathias Glas welds a Polling column with his father from his grandfather’s tools, and on the other side of the world, on the Marquesas, Maheatete Huhina carves a tiki with his son. Andre Loginov from Belarus wants to see his sculptural idea weather in fleeting motion, whereas Leiko Ikemura challenges eternity with a mosaic column. The roof is laid over the first part of the construction. The Greek Yorgos Sapountzis honors his father with an “electrician’s monument”. Bernd Zimmer has to put up prohibition signs and is further antagonized by local people. The final word is given to Hans Schabus from Austria and his column with the life ring.

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