COLUMNS – Episode 4

Episode 4: The Art

Episode 4 asks about the political in art. Rozbeh Asmani liberates corporate colors on advertising columns, Kwame Akoto Bamfo creates the memorial of a “modern slave” in Ghana – in the US George Floyd has just died due to police violence. Willie Cole in New Jersey simply wishes to be an artist without being labeled black. Sigfried Anzinger criticizes the stuffy times and sees art free of any pretension. The first academy column from Munich lets the stars ring out over Polling, and the Nikolaus Lang tells the story of human trafficking in the Bavarian monarchy – for him, art is never apolitical. Franz Ackermann calls for restraint in the tension between assertion and evidence, and as soon the Hall opens for public – with distance rules and face masks – it is closed in the fall of 2020 because of covid.

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