COLUMNS – Episode 5

Episode 5: The World

It’s January 2021, Corona protests and the storming of the US Capitol overshadow this time. The team is not allowed to hold tours, nerves are tense. Olaf Metzel installs his column of newspaper articles from 2020 – the worst year ever. Wolfgang Flatz plants a tree in the hall, the crown of leaves penetrates the roof. Gerald Meier from the STOA169 team maintains the hall and explains the philosophy “remember that you are mortal” and “love your destiny”. Gregor Hildebrandt from Berlin makes music perceptible that you can’t hear anymore. A column from Kenya is stuck in a container in the Suez Canal and the topic of vaccination and testing determines the dialogue at the construction site. Benjamin Bergmann has wooden panels cast from aluminium while a tree trunk from Australia is placed next to his column. Ulrich Rückriem only shows the material and next to it a transgender figure arrives – produced with a 3d printer. The end of the episode is determined by Thomas Killper and his woodcut to the heroes from 2020 with the quote: “We will not move back to what was, but move to what shall be” – Amanda Gorman.

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