COLUMNS – Episode 6

Episode 6: The Reason

Many artists still can’t come because of the pandemic, craftsmen take over the realization of the ideas. An exception is Leo Namislow – for three weeks he is working on his column in Polling. The roof is finished. The young sculptor Lara Lehmann carves her idea of evolution and discovers the artist in herself, while Judith Bernstein from New York describes her view of feminism and art as an outlet for her rage at injustice.

Bernd Zimmer can’t believe it when the hall is finally completed; at the opening in the fall of 2021, he inaugurates the symbol of international understanding and peace. A few months later, the Ukraine war begins. Bernd Zimmer and his wife Nina attend an academy class in Georgia and Fiona Hall finalizes her column, a burnt tree, by painting the Fibonacci series on the trunk. A mathematical derivation from aesthetics in nature: Art as a dialogue between life and habitat.

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